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Why use Promotional Products?

Why use Promotional Products (Cost-Per-Impressions Survey Charts)?

Cost-Per-Impression of Promotional Products

Cost-Per-Impression of Other Media

Where End-Buyers Keep Promo Products

Top Impressions Per Month by Promo Product

Why use Clear Marketing?

Why do customers use Clear Marketing?

Why are Promotional Products effective?

Why do Promotional Products generate response?

Why have we won more Gold Image Awards than anyone else in Western Canada? Read More>>>



Why use Promotional Products?


  1. Business Gifts
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Employee Relations & Events
  5. Public Relations
  6. Dealer / Distributor Programs
  7. New Customer Account Generation
  8. New Products / Service Introduction
  9. Internal Programs
10. Employee Service Awards
11. Not for Profit Programs
12. Customer Referral
13. Safety / Education
14. Marketing Research

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Promotional Products are being positioned more and more, not as a pure product, but as part of the buyer's promotional and communications mix. High speed information gives audiences a choice about whether they wish to be exposed to mass advertising. Promotional Products advertising has proven to be much more effective in its unobtrusive, targeted, personalized approach. Due to its useful nature, promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the advertiser's name and/or message. The use of promotional products is most effective when the target audience is specifically identified. Items can then be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a positive response and eliminating waste distribution. Which products to choose when there are over 850,000 products to choose from? This task is most easily accomplished with the help of a professional promotional product distributor – Your choice is clear.

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Cost-per-Impression of Promotional Products


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Cost-per-Impression of Other Media


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Where End-Users Keep Promotional Products


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Top Impressions per Month by Promotional Product


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Why use Clear Marketing?

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Why Customers use Clear Marketing

"We are happy to deal with people like Clear Marketing, who we can truly call our partners."

- Customer Service, Marketing Manager


"Clear Marketing has a service standard that is second to none, one that always puts the customer first and ensures that we get what we ask for."

- Project Manager, Marketing


"Jay Everett has consistently provided our companies with realistic, affordable solutions to requests for promotional marketing items that are different, new and exciting."

- President


"Your positive attitude, attention to detail and high level of integrity remains unsurpassed with us."

- Marketing Coordinator


"They are efficient, provide excellent service and are always willing to bend-over backward to meet tight deadlines."

- Manager Marketing & Communications


"Able to provide us with leadership in identifying unique ways to improve our brand while delivering our safety message. Their ability to deliver creative material in a timely manner has been instrumental in the success of our event."

- Senior Communications Specialist & Sales


"Your service has been excellent and I would recommend Clear Marketing to anyone."

- HR Manager

Your choice is clear

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Why are Promotional Products effective?

PPAI STUDY Read More>>> PPAI Study Confirms Effectiveness Of Promotional Products When Compared To Traditional Media

Irving, Texas, (February 23, 2010) A late 2009, two-part study designed by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and fielded through independent research company MarketTools, Inc. evaluated a cross-section of the American consumer population about television, print, online and promotional products advertising. The study surveyed more than 1,000 consumers who recalled receiving a promotional product in the past 24 months.

The first part of the study, titled "Effectiveness Of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium," focused solely on promotional products and evaluated the action, reaction and relationship of products and their recipients. The study found that:

94 percent could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years
89 percent could also recall the advertiser
83 percent reported that they liked receiving promotional products
48 percent would like to receive promotional products more often
69 percent generally keep the promotional product

The study also looked at which promotional products are most popular and where popular items are kept. According to consumers, the top five items that would motivate them to take a particular action and/or lead them to have a more favorable impression of the advertiser were food baskets, MP3 players, clocks/watches, digital picture frames and luggage. Consumers also reported the kitchen and the office as the two most common places to display these items. The second part of the study, titled "Promotional Products and Other Media" compared promotional products to mainstream media (television, print and online advertising) and evaluated their reach, as well as the consumer recall and reaction to each.



When compared to the extensive reach of television, there is an obvious disadvantage in this area for print, online and promotional products advertising. However, promotional products were the only media, despite this disadvantage, that showed staggering results in recall and reaction, areas that are often dependent on reach for success. Nearly half of those surveyed reported receiving more than three promotional products within the past 12 months, while 56 percent reported seeing 11 or more television commercials, 50 percent reported seeing three or more print advertisements and 53 percent reported seeing one online advertisement all within a two-week timeframe.



Promotional products—compared to TV, print and online advertising—consistently delivered on higher recall rates of the company/brand, the product/service or both.
An evaluation was conducted to see how many respondents could remember both the advertiser/company and the product/service/message advertised and in the case of promotional products, the product received, as well. The study found that:



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Why are promotional products effective?

Why have we won more Gold Image Awards than anyone else in Western Canada?

No Distributor in Western Canada has won more Gold in the last three years than Clear Marketing for showing results for their clients.



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